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  • Joanne-Louise Hardy

    2021-04-27 at 7:33 am

    Hi All, I just thought I’d create this space as an invitation for everyone to share your own personal experiences in connecting with the next dimension – if you’d like to! I wonder how many people here have had experiences with spiritual beings, which you feel gives you personal proof that our soul energy does indeed continue after our body passes away?

    Personally I always adore to listen to people who have made a connection with the other side, or been visited by souls, angels etc and had experiences that they’re unable to explain with traditional sciences. So I’d love to hear yours! What happened to you, and how did it make you feel?

    I think it’s encouraging to hear that many many people nowadays are having spiritual encounters, and I see that as proof of our developing Conscious Evolution.

    All anecdotes, experiences, reflections welcome! PrayHeartSparkles

  • Ursula Brozovich

    2021-04-30 at 3:06 am

    In 2000 I had a near death experience and saw my late father standing at the end of a tunnel in bright light, who asked me to go back, that it was not time yet for me to go and after week in a coma I did wake up on the IC. My father was my rock and passed away in 1993.

    Then in 2007 my deceased father visited me in my dream to pick up my mother for a ball (he was wearing his navy officer uniform). I wanted to go with them but he said, no you don’t have the appropriate dress. A week later my mother unexpectedly ended up in a coma (main artery blockage). During her stay on the IC she visited me in a dream. I wanted to hug her but she looked sad and just waived and disappeared. A week after that she passed away.

    Last month on March 9, I was doing laundry in the evening and I felt a presence. I felt uncomfortable and my cats also looked as if they saw something. That same night, both my father and mother were in my dream. They were sitting somewhere that looked like some kind of waiting room. They just looked at me and I could feel their love for me despite the weird invisible barrier between us. Their gaze moved from me to the person behind me but I wasn’t able to see who it was because all I saw was a blinding light. The next day in the morning my nephew called that my brother had unexpectedly passed away.

    I truly believed that both my parents picked up my brother and that one day they will pick me up as well. These experiences (and I have many more) give me comfort that death is not the end and our goodbyes are not final…

    My astrological chart has many planets in house eight. House eight is the house of matter of death, rebirth and afterlife. From a very young age (when I lost my very first childhood friend in kindergarten who was hit by a car) I learned to not fear death and that we all are protected by angels and the souls of loved ones who have left this physical plane.

  • Joanne-Louise Hardy

    2021-05-06 at 2:55 am

    Ursula, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! Your post gave me goosebumps! I too have had visitations in dreams from my grandparents, and I’ve felt presences arrive with me many times when I’ve been awake. Several times I’ve smelled my grandparents perfume/ aftershave, and I know that they’ve just popped in to let me know they’re still around. Like you, I find these experiences really comforting to know that death is not the end. Heart

  • Diane Beyersdorfer

    2021-05-18 at 3:41 am

    Beautiful. Death is a lie. We don’t die. Our energy shifts back to
    nonphysical. My husband made that shift after a very sudden, very
    aggressive fight with cancer. He was young and it was quite unexpected.
    Within two days, he was absolutely wrapping his energy around me like a
    big bear hug. He and I have had quite an adventure since then. He is
    still by my side, and has really helped me to wake up to a much greater
    extent than I ever thought possible. Our loved ones never really leave
    us. It is up to us to be aware of their presence. I often hear people
    say that our loved ones are too busy on the other side and that we
    should leave them to it. My response comes straight from Steve, “What?
    You think we are limited at all? There is no time here. We can be in a
    million places at once. Of course, I am with you whenever you call out
    to me. I am also with my son or my daughter’s, my mother or my sister. I
    am also learning, and working and continuing to evolve.” What I always
    say to people, is that our loved ones are always leaving us love notes.
    It is our job to be aware and enjoy their gifts.

  • Ursula Brozovich

    2021-05-18 at 3:42 am

    Sorry that I didn’t see your lovely reply sooner. Thanks so much for
    sharing your experience. I especially love what you said “loved ones
    are always leaving us love notes”. I completely agree. Also, makes sense
    that without the limitations of their physical body, which keeps them
    in only one place , that they can now go everywhere they want to go and
    visit all their loved ones, no matter the distance or time. That thought
    is very comforting. Thanks again.

  • Andrew Veer

    2021-05-24 at 8:53 am

    Hi, I haven’t had any experiences with spiritual beings, but there’s a strong feeling in me I don’t need to. Same with extra terrestrials or UFO’s, there’s a strong sense in me the visualisation of it wouldn’t serve a purpose. I guess because I’m already open to its reality. It seems to make sense to me extra terrestrials are just us in another time, or more profound time, and have found a way to consume time to make themselves known in this time. And the way we perceive them is just energetic depending on the way our brain interprets the energy.

    The closest I came to this would have been when I was on a break during a night shift back in the 90’s when I looked up at the distant night sky and witnessed what appeared to be star like objects moving in an unusual manner that no man-made object would do. A few weeks later while in a new-age book shop I picked a book and spontaneously turned to a page and paragraph that read ‘True sightings of UFO’s are when they appear as stars.

    I don’t know who the author was and can’t remember the name of the book as I didn’t think much of it at the time, but all the same still find it to be a very interesting little coincidence.

    As for experience with ‘soul energy’, I think we only need to look in the physical world around us to see we’re all in a different place in consciousness. And the question then arises ‘why is that’? The explanation as I see it has to do with what could be termed soul wisdom, which suggests some souls are older than others. Which to me is a sufficient acknowledgement of the existence of another dimension, and no doubt just one of many.

    But I don’t know that I really go in for this ‘old soul’ stuff either. Perhaps it’s just the energy behind the word but ‘soul’ seems too personal and although there is no doubt a reality to it in the immediate psychic surrounds, I doubt there’s any truth to it as far as recurrence is concerned. I suspect something else is at play here because if soul is personal and nothing personal survives true death, then what recurs? Some form of imprimatur perhaps. A type of fingerprint of God. Perhaps this is where the definition or reality behind character can be found since character, although personal, is not concerned with the personal like the soul is. The implication being character is what evolves through various life-time experiences as opposed to reincarnation which suggests some form of personal soul recurring. At least in the Western interpretation of the word.

  • Joanne-Louise Hardy

    2021-05-25 at 3:16 am

    Hi @totemscene , thanks so much for your thoughtful reply! It’s really interesting to me that you talk about seeing UFOs as stars, as I’ve had that experience too. Six years ago, there was one evening when I’d just put my daughters to bed and it was summer and still light outside, and I stood at my back doorstep looking out into the garden. It was dusk but the stars were yet to show, and suddenly I noticed a very bright orb in the sky. It was just like a star, but much much nearer than a star would be. I watched it for several minutes, trying to take a video on my phone but the camera wouldn’t get it, then I watched completely mesmerized as I saw it drop straight down in the sky a short distance. It then stayed stationary again for several minutes before it then shot off at around a 30 degree angle up into the stratosphere and disappeared.. I’ve always described it as looking like a star because it was a glowing orb and I’ll never stop wondering what/ who it was…

    There was also one night not long after that when I’d gone to bed, and as I liked to watch the night sky at night I’d left my blinds open so that I could see the stars… (I was keen to keep an eye on the sky in case the orb should ever reappear!) Only a matter of minutes of having my head on my pillow, I saw a ball of light travel from the sky down towards my house at an incredible speed. With my breath all but stopping in shock, I watched as the light arrived and then it literally splashed into my garden and against my house like a wave of water hitting rocks. At that point I closed my eyes in fear – I didn’t want to see, I was suddenly too scared – and I recall laying their with my heart pounding and refusing to open my eyes, because I couldn’t explain what on earth had just happened, and I thought if i opened my eyes I might see something that I wasn’t ready for… Light doesn’t just go around splashing into people’s gardens like water – it was so strange! I don’t know how long it took me to go to sleep that night, but I’ll tell you that I didn’t open my eyes again until morning came. Then when I looked out in the garden curiously in the morning, there was nothing different out there, everything looked exactly the same…. And some people might say, well it was a dream… But I KNOW that I was wide awake, and I know that it took a LONG time for me to calm down before sleep finally did take my consciousness that night…

    Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

    Wishing you all a lovely day! Speak soon Heart

  • Terri Owens

    2021-07-03 at 8:22 pm

    Hi my name is Terri and I would like to share a experience I had early on in my spiritual journey. In the beginning, before I learned of the books I began if I were being watch, not physically but spiritual from above in the distance if this makes any sense. It didn’t to me either at first but as I began to sense and experience more things intuitively I began to experience others as if watching to see if I was understanding and testing me for the next lesson. At first I was very nervous and unsure what to think. The more I tried to focus on them wanting to understand it seems the more the backed off from me. I tried to pretend I couldn’t feel them or their presence the closer they would come. My intuition told it was like that of the Elders of a tribe, an Indian tribe or ancient tribe watching and observing me to see if I was ready or worthy of more at this time of my spiritual journey. It wasn’t until years later while reading the books that I found understanding. Has anyone else experienced this as well?

    • Joanne-Louise Hardy

      2021-07-10 at 5:08 am

      Hi Again Terri, Thanks very much for sharing that with us! Regarding the sensation of feeling like you’re being watched and your question if any of us have had a similar experience, I’d say that I’ve felt many times like I’m being visited, rather than watched per se. Over the years, I’ve often had it happen where I get goosebumps for no apparent reason, and feel like the energy around me has changed, as if someone has come into my personal space and feels close to me. Sometimes this sensation is merged with smelling a strong fragrance that arrives momentarily which is gone maybe ten seconds later. Normally I’ll get someone I’ve loved who’s past over to the other side pop into my mind, and i’ll have the feeling that it’s them who has just popped in to see me/ check up on me/ give me some form of encouragement or feeling of being secure. 🙂🙏❤

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