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  • Ursula Brozovich

    2021-04-30 at 3:06 am

    In 2000 I had a near death experience and saw my late father standing at the end of a tunnel in bright light, who asked me to go back, that it was not time yet for me to go and after week in a coma I did wake up on the IC. My father was my rock and passed away in 1993.

    Then in 2007 my deceased father visited me in my dream to pick up my mother for a ball (he was wearing his navy officer uniform). I wanted to go with them but he said, no you don’t have the appropriate dress. A week later my mother unexpectedly ended up in a coma (main artery blockage). During her stay on the IC she visited me in a dream. I wanted to hug her but she looked sad and just waived and disappeared. A week after that she passed away.

    Last month on March 9, I was doing laundry in the evening and I felt a presence. I felt uncomfortable and my cats also looked as if they saw something. That same night, both my father and mother were in my dream. They were sitting somewhere that looked like some kind of waiting room. They just looked at me and I could feel their love for me despite the weird invisible barrier between us. Their gaze moved from me to the person behind me but I wasn’t able to see who it was because all I saw was a blinding light. The next day in the morning my nephew called that my brother had unexpectedly passed away.

    I truly believed that both my parents picked up my brother and that one day they will pick me up as well. These experiences (and I have many more) give me comfort that death is not the end and our goodbyes are not final…

    My astrological chart has many planets in house eight. House eight is the house of matter of death, rebirth and afterlife. From a very young age (when I lost my very first childhood friend in kindergarten who was hit by a car) I learned to not fear death and that we all are protected by angels and the souls of loved ones who have left this physical plane.

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