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  • Diane Beyersdorfer

    2021-05-18 at 3:41 am

    Beautiful. Death is a lie. We don’t die. Our energy shifts back to
    nonphysical. My husband made that shift after a very sudden, very
    aggressive fight with cancer. He was young and it was quite unexpected.
    Within two days, he was absolutely wrapping his energy around me like a
    big bear hug. He and I have had quite an adventure since then. He is
    still by my side, and has really helped me to wake up to a much greater
    extent than I ever thought possible. Our loved ones never really leave
    us. It is up to us to be aware of their presence. I often hear people
    say that our loved ones are too busy on the other side and that we
    should leave them to it. My response comes straight from Steve, “What?
    You think we are limited at all? There is no time here. We can be in a
    million places at once. Of course, I am with you whenever you call out
    to me. I am also with my son or my daughter’s, my mother or my sister. I
    am also learning, and working and continuing to evolve.” What I always
    say to people, is that our loved ones are always leaving us love notes.
    It is our job to be aware and enjoy their gifts.

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