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  • Andrew Veer

    2021-05-24 at 8:53 am

    Hi, I haven’t had any experiences with spiritual beings, but there’s a strong feeling in me I don’t need to. Same with extra terrestrials or UFO’s, there’s a strong sense in me the visualisation of it wouldn’t serve a purpose. I guess because I’m already open to its reality. It seems to make sense to me extra terrestrials are just us in another time, or more profound time, and have found a way to consume time to make themselves known in this time. And the way we perceive them is just energetic depending on the way our brain interprets the energy.

    The closest I came to this would have been when I was on a break during a night shift back in the 90’s when I looked up at the distant night sky and witnessed what appeared to be star like objects moving in an unusual manner that no man-made object would do. A few weeks later while in a new-age book shop I picked a book and spontaneously turned to a page and paragraph that read ‘True sightings of UFO’s are when they appear as stars.

    I don’t know who the author was and can’t remember the name of the book as I didn’t think much of it at the time, but all the same still find it to be a very interesting little coincidence.

    As for experience with ‘soul energy’, I think we only need to look in the physical world around us to see we’re all in a different place in consciousness. And the question then arises ‘why is that’? The explanation as I see it has to do with what could be termed soul wisdom, which suggests some souls are older than others. Which to me is a sufficient acknowledgement of the existence of another dimension, and no doubt just one of many.

    But I don’t know that I really go in for this ‘old soul’ stuff either. Perhaps it’s just the energy behind the word but ‘soul’ seems too personal and although there is no doubt a reality to it in the immediate psychic surrounds, I doubt there’s any truth to it as far as recurrence is concerned. I suspect something else is at play here because if soul is personal and nothing personal survives true death, then what recurs? Some form of imprimatur perhaps. A type of fingerprint of God. Perhaps this is where the definition or reality behind character can be found since character, although personal, is not concerned with the personal like the soul is. The implication being character is what evolves through various life-time experiences as opposed to reincarnation which suggests some form of personal soul recurring. At least in the Western interpretation of the word.

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