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  • Joanne-Louise Hardy

    2021-05-25 at 3:16 am

    Hi @totemscene , thanks so much for your thoughtful reply! It’s really interesting to me that you talk about seeing UFOs as stars, as I’ve had that experience too. Six years ago, there was one evening when I’d just put my daughters to bed and it was summer and still light outside, and I stood at my back doorstep looking out into the garden. It was dusk but the stars were yet to show, and suddenly I noticed a very bright orb in the sky. It was just like a star, but much much nearer than a star would be. I watched it for several minutes, trying to take a video on my phone but the camera wouldn’t get it, then I watched completely mesmerized as I saw it drop straight down in the sky a short distance. It then stayed stationary again for several minutes before it then shot off at around a 30 degree angle up into the stratosphere and disappeared.. I’ve always described it as looking like a star because it was a glowing orb and I’ll never stop wondering what/ who it was…

    There was also one night not long after that when I’d gone to bed, and as I liked to watch the night sky at night I’d left my blinds open so that I could see the stars… (I was keen to keep an eye on the sky in case the orb should ever reappear!) Only a matter of minutes of having my head on my pillow, I saw a ball of light travel from the sky down towards my house at an incredible speed. With my breath all but stopping in shock, I watched as the light arrived and then it literally splashed into my garden and against my house like a wave of water hitting rocks. At that point I closed my eyes in fear – I didn’t want to see, I was suddenly too scared – and I recall laying their with my heart pounding and refusing to open my eyes, because I couldn’t explain what on earth had just happened, and I thought if i opened my eyes I might see something that I wasn’t ready for… Light doesn’t just go around splashing into people’s gardens like water – it was so strange! I don’t know how long it took me to go to sleep that night, but I’ll tell you that I didn’t open my eyes again until morning came. Then when I looked out in the garden curiously in the morning, there was nothing different out there, everything looked exactly the same…. And some people might say, well it was a dream… But I KNOW that I was wide awake, and I know that it took a LONG time for me to calm down before sleep finally did take my consciousness that night…

    Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

    Wishing you all a lovely day! Speak soon Heart

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