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  • Terri Owens

    2021-07-03 at 8:22 pm

    Hi my name is Terri and I would like to share a experience I had early on in my spiritual journey. In the beginning, before I learned of the books I began if I were being watch, not physically but spiritual from above in the distance if this makes any sense. It didn’t to me either at first but as I began to sense and experience more things intuitively I began to experience others as if watching to see if I was understanding and testing me for the next lesson. At first I was very nervous and unsure what to think. The more I tried to focus on them wanting to understand it seems the more the backed off from me. I tried to pretend I couldn’t feel them or their presence the closer they would come. My intuition told it was like that of the Elders of a tribe, an Indian tribe or ancient tribe watching and observing me to see if I was ready or worthy of more at this time of my spiritual journey. It wasn’t until years later while reading the books that I found understanding. Has anyone else experienced this as well?

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