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  • Joanne-Louise Hardy

    2021-07-10 at 5:08 am

    Hi Again Terri, Thanks very much for sharing that with us! Regarding the sensation of feeling like you’re being watched and your question if any of us have had a similar experience, I’d say that I’ve felt many times like I’m being visited, rather than watched per se. Over the years, I’ve often had it happen where I get goosebumps for no apparent reason, and feel like the energy around me has changed, as if someone has come into my personal space and feels close to me. Sometimes this sensation is merged with smelling a strong fragrance that arrives momentarily which is gone maybe ten seconds later. Normally I’ll get someone I’ve loved who’s past over to the other side pop into my mind, and i’ll have the feeling that it’s them who has just popped in to see me/ check up on me/ give me some form of encouragement or feeling of being secure. 🙂🙏❤

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