Welcome to the Celestine Community!

The Celestine Community is a Conscious Social Network brought to you by internationally best-selling author James Redfield and his Celestine Vision team. Here, we are building a community which focuses energy on Personal GrowthFinding our Peace within, and Breaking Through to our Synchronistic Flow and Highest Creativity.   

We offer you regular online events and workshops hosted by James, group mentoring sessions, and discussion forums managed by our Celestine team to connect like-minded souls and foster Conscious Life Exploration.

 We look forward to meeting you there.

In order to ensure the Celestine Community remains a private network, free of third party advertising and other revenue generating methods that other free Social Networks employ, we offer a monthly membership for a subscription fee with a commitment to keeping this space sacred by providing a safe place for your conscious conversations and deep-reflections. We will never sell your data, monitor your private messages, nor track your online behaviour. Your privacy is paramount to us.

PLEASE NOTE *The only sustainable way we can ensure that the expenses this organization generates are covered, is to ask that everyone who takes part in the community contributes via a monthly subscription. Due to the effect the pandemic has had on all of us, and because it is imperative that our global mission to raise the critical mass continues, we’ve decided to offer 3 subscription plans.

Regardless of the contribution plan you chose, every community member will receive the same access to all areas of the community.

Level Price  
Charter Membership $19.99 per Month. Select
Partial Assistance $14.99 per Month. Select
Full Assistance $9.99 per Month. Select

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